BCI is exclusively dedicated to colorectal disease :

  • colon cancer and rectal cancer,
  • inflammatory bowel disease (IBD: Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis),
  • pelvic floor disorders,
  • perineal surgery,
  • deep endometriosis (in association with IFEMENDO).

This specificity, which is unique in France, allows the development of a substantial surgical activity carried out as a team, associated with both an intense activity of clinical research and national international surgical training.

Our institute collaborates very closely with the Franco-European Institute of Endometriosis - IFEMENDO in clinical daily activity and in research.

Nos valeurs

Quality of life

Preserving the quality of life is one of the main objective in our institute.

Indeed, colorectal disease can lead to an alteration in the quality of life with potential stool clustering, emergency, incontinence, impotency.

BCI team works at all stages of care to limit this deterioration in quality of life from diagnosis to long term follow up.


BCI positions itself as an accelerator of innovation with its industrial and institutional partners. We share common objectives in improving the quality of life of patients, managing post-operative pain and reducing digestive, urinary or sexual sequelae.

Close partnerships are also established between BCI and Bordeaux e-health cluster on education.

L'Institut Colorectale de Bordeaux