BCI has chosen to be either a study promoter (clinical trial initiated by BCI surgeons) or an investigator center (clinical trial initiated by another partner team: another healthcare or industrial establishment).

In both cases your rights are the same.

If you are one of the patients eligible for a clinical trial, that is to say who can be included, and your surgeon offers you to participate, you are free to accept or refuse.

In the event of refusal, you will continue to benefit from the best medical follow-up and this will in no way affect your care or your future monitoring.

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List of oncoing trials at the BCI


Title : Cost-utility evaluation of two strategies of perineal reconstruction after abdominoperineal resection for anorectal carcinoma: perineal filling with biological meshes vs. primary perineal wound closure..

Indication  : Abdominoperinéal amputation  for rectal or anal cancer 
Treatement : Perinéal prothesis for lower rectum surgery 
Catégory : Medical device


Title : Multicentric Phase II-III study evaluating the tailored management of locally-advanced rectal carcinoma after a favorable response to Induction chemotherapy.

Indication : Locally advanced rectal cancer, without distant metastases
Treatement : De-escalation of neoadjuvant treatment (before surgery) 
Category : Neoadjuvant treatment


Title : Non inferiority multicenter phase III randomized trial comparingpreoperative chemotherapy only to chemotherapy followed bychemoradiotherapy for locally advanced resectable rectal cancer (intergroup FRENCH-GRECCAR- PRODIGE).

Indication : Locally advanced rectal cancer, without distant metastases
Traitement : De-escalation of neoadjuvant treatment (before surgery) 
Catégorie : Neoadjuvant treatment


Title : A phase III randomized trial evaluating the tailored versus the systematic use of defunctioning stoma after Total Mesorectal Excision for rectal cancer.

Indication  : Colorectal surgery for rectal cancer
Treatment: Surgery with or without stoma
Catégory : Surgical strategy


Title : Intraoperative Indocyanine Green Fluorescence Angiography in Colorectal Surgery to Prevent Anastomotic Leakage (FLUOCOL-1)

Indication  : Rectum or colon cancer 
Traitement : Colorectal surgery with or wothout indocyanine green angiography
Category : Medicine


Title : Low Impact Laparoscopic in colorectal resection: a randomized trial comparing low pneumoperitoneum pressure with warm humidified CO2 insufflation versus low pneumoperitoneum pressure with cold CO2.

Indication : Colorectal surgery for benign or malign pathology 
Treatement : Suregry realized in coleioscopy with warm humidified CO2 insufflation versus low pneumoperitoneum pressure with cold CO2.
Category: Surgical strategy

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