The Institute is located within the Tivoli-Ducos Clinic in Bordeaux.

The operating block has recently been expanded and equipped with new intervention rooms equipped with innovative equipment in terms of technology with 13 operating blocks and 2 robotic systems.

Different surgical approaches can be considered according on the type of pathology and the surgery envisaged with the aim of precise, safe, effective and least invasive surgery to obtain :

  • better recovery,
  • less bread,
  • fewer scars?
  • less sequelae;

These techniques include laparoscopy, also called coelioscopy (= small incisions in the abdominal wall), robotic surgery (= small incisions in the abdominal wall made using a robot), surgeries performed by natural means (known as trans-anal).

The medical and paramedical team of the Institute has extensive experience and expertise in all these techniques.

Bloc opératoire